Contest rules and information

MondoCon: 4-5th October – Budapest, Hungary
Email: cosplay<at>
Application deadline: 25th September 2014

There are two competitions: Craftmanship (on Saturday) and Performance (on Sunday)

Registration: >>here <<

Important: After 25th September registration period is over, so you can neither apply, nor modify your application, upload new pictures, music or video.
You will find your name in the list of competitors on the event’s website after we accept your application.
If you’d like to step up as a group, then only the group leader has to register and fill the form including group members’ names and upload all the required files.
We can only accept correct applications – without any missing information or files – until the deadline, 21th april.
We are checking all the applications and if we find any mistake or blank, then we’ll send you an email to notify. Therefore please do not complete your application in the last possible moment.
Your files must contain your name, or your group’s name, if you apply as a group. This name mustn’t contain special characters.
A few examples:
If your name is ‘Jessica Williams’:
If your group’s name is ‘B&W 2 – Everybody loves cookies!’:

Obligatory and optional information and files

1) Accurate information (obligatory)

a) Real name(s)
b) An email address to contact
c) Title of the anime/manga/film/game/novel/comic you cosplay from
d) Name(s) of the character(s) you cosplay

2) A picture of the character(s) (obligatory)

a) It’s a reference to the jury and to the audience, so it’s vital to be a high quality picture with as much details of your costume(s) as it’s possible.
b) If you apply for craftmanship contest your pictures have to be colorful (black and white pictures are not allowed), and the full-body of the character(s) has to be seen, if possible.
c) You can modify your picture, and mix it from more pictures, but it is not allowed to re-color the original image.
d) In case of cosplaying an original character you have to upload a picture of the concept (e.g. fanart or scetch) or a background picture that fits to the character (e.g. if it’s an elf the background image is a forest).
e) If you apply for performance contest you need to choose a picture you would like to be displayed on the screen behind you. In case of you upload a video too, this picture will be shown before the performance during the introducing.

In case of cosplaying an original character you don’t have to upload a picture (but of course you can, if you have any).

3) Music (obligatory in craftmanship)

a) You don’t have to upload music if you have applied for performance (but of course you can, if you’d like to have any background music or previously recorded sound.
b) Craftmanship: background music is obligatory; find more information down by craftmanship rules.
c) Your music file must be in mp3 format, which you can upload by registration.

Important: Your mp3 file will start immediately as you step on the stage, and will be played loud, so if you want to speak you should insert silence in it, or lower it. We can only accept music files until 30th March.

4) Description (obligatory in performance)

a) Performance: here comes a short summary of your performance, and a script as well, if you will speak during your performance.
b) Craftmanship: you can write down a few sentences about your character(s) or costume(s), so we can introduce you to the audience before you step up to the stage.
c) Here you can notify us, when you have special requests like

i) you need some help to go up to the stage
ii) you need some time to put your accessories, weapons, etc. to the stage before your step up
iii) you’d like to use a microphone during your performance
iv) you’d like to make us turn the lights on/off (you should assign the accurate time of this actions, for example: turn the lights off 0:16; turn the lights on 0:40)

5) Video (optional)

a) Performance: you can turn your performance more exciting with playing a video in the background. But be aware of that the jury will judge your overall performance, not just the video, so it shouldn’t divert the attention from what YOU are doing on the stage.
b) If you are uploading a video, it must contain the sound too, so you mustn’t upload an mp3 file. There is no opportunity of switching between video and mp3 during your performance, you must choose, which one you’d like to use.
c) Technical requirements

i) Container: .AVI, .MP4, .MKV, WMV
ii) Video codec: H264, x264, XviD, DivX (5, 6, 7), WMV-3, WMV-9
iii) Audio codec: MP3, AAC, WMA, PCM, AC3, (minimum: 44Khz, stereo)
iv) Framerate: minimum 23.97 fps and maximum 29.97 fps
v) Minimum resolution: 640×360 (16:9) and 640×480 (4:3)
vi) Maximum resolution: 1280×720 (16:9) and 960×720 (4:3)
vii) Field order: None (Progressive scan)
viii) Pixel aspect ratio: 1.000 (square)
ix) Maximum time: 5:00
x) Maximum size: 100 MB

Application-limit and other restrictions

Craftmanship: 50 individual competitors + 10 groups (2-10 people/group)
Performance: 20 groups (1-10 people/group)

If any category reaches its limit, then we will list remaining applicants, so if anyone resigns from accepted competitors, the first applicant from the waiting-list will be accepted. Therefore if you have any problem (can’t come to the event, can’t complete your costume, etc.), please notify us via email.
You cannot apply with a costume wherewith you already won a competition or was chosen as a candidate (it is a similar rank to 2nd and 3rd place) organized by team (such as a previous Mondocon). If you applied previously, but you weren’t awarded, you can apply again with the same costume.
Please properly consider the plot of your performance and the costume you choose to make, since our event is regularly visited by underage children.


As you can see from the category’s name, your aim here is to make a costume which projects your character(s) as perfectly and realistic as possible. We are honoring your unique techniques, creativity and natural similarity to your selected character as well.
Competitors have to upload a background music, which will be played during they demonstrate they costumes. This music must be:

  • 30-60 seconds long for individual competitors
  • 40-100 seconds long for small groups (2-4 people)
  • 60-120 seconds long for middle-sized groups (5-8 people)
  • 80-150 seconds long for large groups (9-12 people)

We’ll check the uploaded music, but the music’s quality is the applicant’s responsibility. We’ll decline the application if the music file is too long.
If you want to form a group, all members must be from the same anime/film/etc. or the group must have a well-defined conception like vampires, school girls.

Competition process

  1. Firstly you must show your costume(s) to the jury and tell them a few important information about your cosplay(s): how you made it, which materials you have used, what was the hardest/funniest/most interesting part of the crafting. You can also talk about why you chose this character/costume, whether you like the upshot or not.
  2. Before you step up the stage, we will introduce you to the audience – based on your description you sent us.
  3. Your performance on the stage will be like a fashion-show with your uploaded music in the background. In the most of the time, please be in the front of the stage, so the audience will clearly see you. If you pose, and stop for 4-5 seconds, they can make some photos of you as well.
  4. On the stage you don’t have to talk (you can’t either, because you will not have a microphone).


Those who’d like to participate in this category must act like the chosen character. Be as accurate as possible, or be amusing. We expect you to also wear a realistic costume but contrary to the craftmanship category the jury’s main emphasis is on that how the competitors portray the characters. Competitors should speak and act like the characters themselves on the stage. The play could be a short scene performed alone or in a group.
We ask all the competitors to come up with cultured performances (in case of obscene words and scenes the play will be cut short) – be aware that there will also be children and their parents at the event!

  • A performance can last for a maximum of 5 minutes. Those who exceed this limit will be instantly disqualified.
  • We check every uploaded music files, although the organizers won’t take responsibility for files uploaded in bad quality. If the length of the mp3 exceeds the time limit mentioned above, the application will be refused.

Important: Please take into consideration that there is no age limit at the event; therefore every performance that isn’t suitable for children under the age 12 shall be disqualified.

  • Don’t drop litter on the stage; otherwise clean it up after yourself! Our staff could help with the cleaning if you ask them.
  • All competitors must upload a short summary about their performance. This document must contain the following information:
  • The title(s) of the anime(s)/manga(s)/game(s) etc.
  • The names of the characters appearing in the performance.
  • The genre of the performance: (dance, parody, magic trick etc)
  • The expected length of the performance
  • Whether there is an uploaded music for the performance (yes/no)
  • Whether there is an uploaded video file for the performance (yes/no)
  • Whether you need time to take your props on the stage or you need a microphone
  • Short description of the performance: it must contain the accurate script or the description of the stage-settings in case of dancing, or both if it is a mixed performance. If the description is not detailed enough and the plot of the play is not clear, the application could be refused until the description is modified by the competitors.

Competition process

  1. Don’t throw the audience with objects that could hurt them!
  2. You cannot include in your performance the members of the jury or the announcers, although it is not forbidden to mention them. If you still feel it necessary to do otherwise and you would like to include them, please let us know it before via email, and we will think about your request. ^_- Otherwise we can disqualify you from the competition.
  3. We’ll use a stopwatch to check the length of your performance from the beginning of your play until you get down from the stage. We won’t time your bowing to the audience at the end of your performance, unless it takes too much time. If this length exceeds 5 minutes and 15 seconds, you will be disqualified – except when there is an unseen difficulty with your play.
  4. During your performance you cannot leave the stage and no one can step up from the audience. There are a few exceptions, for example if you’d like to quickly change your clothes as a part of your performance, but the stopwatch will not stop during this time.
  5. Taking up and bringing down your props from the stage: if you need some time before your play to take up some props, you should mention it in you uploaded description. This time cannot be longer than 30 seconds. If this request – together with the list of props you’d like to take up with you – is not mentioned in the document, we will deduct this time from your 5 minutes time limit – therefore you will have less time for your play. You can ask for help to put your stuff on the stage.


There are more categories in craftsmanship and performance too, that we are awarding. Winners will be announced at the end of the day, and then they can receive their prizes as well. If there aren’t enough applicants in one of the categories, prizes can be different from what is announced here.

Craftmanship awards

Jury is considering:
1) Similarity to your selected character
a) Correspondence to your uploaded reference picture (costume, hair, shoes, etc)
b) How realistic you can represent your chosen character?
2) Design, construction
a) Did you attend to every little part of your costume?
b) What materials did you use? Do your chosen materials match your selected costume?
c) Construction quality (How carefully you handled your materials?)
We can close you off, if your costume is ordered, made by any other professional or you can’t give satisfactory details of how you made it. Of course it didn’t mean that your friends and family can’t help you.

Best costume: The most spectacular and wonderful costume. It’s important, that the overall-look must correspond to your selected costume seen on the reference picture.
The costume can be chosen from any anime, manga, game, cartoon, novel, film, series, dorama or even a music band member’s costume.

Best original costume: The most unique and interesting costume. It’s important, that the costume must be your own idea, design and creation.
This costume must be your original design, but it can be based on any fashion (decora, streetfashion, lolita, etc) or a film’s, novel’s race (such as an elf from the Lord of the Rings).

Best group: The most astonishing group overall.
The costumes can be chosen from any anime, manga, game, cartoon, novel, film, series, dorama or even a music band member’s costume.

Best technique: The best and most creative technics and solutions (including materials) used for the costume.

Best accessory: The most eye catching wig, weapon, jewel or any other accessory.

Audience award – Individual: The costume which receives the most votes from the audience.

Audience award – Group: The group which receives the most votes from the audience.

Performance awards

Jury is considering:

1) Similarity to your selected character
a) Not just physical similarity, but also your motion, air, talking.
2) Stage presence
a) Well-planned choreography (dance)
b) Deliberate stage-setting
3) Creativity

4) General effect (overall)
a) How entertaining was your performance?
b) Was it interesting enough?
c) Did it become weary to the end? (Sometimes less is more.)
Important: You shouldn’t call in the jury or the announcers to your performance.

Best performance: The most astonishing performance overall.

Best cosplay skit: The funniest performance.

Best choreography: The most unique, creative, spectacular, complex choreography. Harmony – with each other, with the music – is vital.

Audience award: The group or individual, which/who receives the most votes from the audience.
If there isn’t enough applicants, we reserve the right to differ from the here announced awards.

Important information about the competition
The competitors must take care about their tickets themselves – we cannot provide you a ticket because you are a competitor, you should buy one yourself.
Competitors can enter the venue from 9.00 am. It’s advisable to arrive a little bit before that. If you have ordered your ticket online you can receive it at the time of your arrival, so you won’t have to stand in a queue.
We won’t take away your weapons, but we ask you not to bring real ones with you. – You mustn’t bring in guns or real thrusting and edged weapons!

You mustn’t use open fire or pyrotechnics on the stage! They lead to disqualification!
Live animals cannot participate! We cannot let animals on the stage, they lead to disqualification!
If you’d like to bring someone to help you dress up, please let us know about it via e-mail (cosplay<at> Although we will only let a dresser in the dressing room if the request is reasonable, so when your costume is so complicated that you cannot put it on alone. The organizers have the right to refuse the request of a dresser – there will be other competitors who would gladly help you to do up your zipper. Your dresser must have a valid ticket too!

  • Please don’t forget your number in the competitors’ list! The stage order will be determined according to this list.
  • In craftmanship category, after your music ends, don’t bow to the audience for too long, because the announcers will immediately call the next competitor.
  • If you are not sure about something, ask a nearby cosplay staff member.
  • There will be photos taken of every competitor after the competition. These photos will be taken by the photographers of the event and the website – you can find the pictures later on the website. Because of this, don’t run away right after you will leave the stage, we will wait for you and accompany you to the official photographers. Right after the competition our photographer will take group photos of you, so make sure you don’t miss it!
  • The announcements of results and the award ceremony will be held in the evening (usually at about 7 pm). We will choose 3 nominees in every award-category, then announce one winner from them, who will receive his/her prize on the stage.
  • If you ask for special stage lights, be prepared that we cannot guarantee that it would be exactly like you asked, because the lights are coordinated by the local technicians and not by us.
  • If there is any kind of technical mistake during your performance, please inform one of the organizers about it. There is a possibility that we’ll let you replay your play, if it definitely is our mistake (for example wrong music played, the microphone didn’t work etc), but it depends on whether we have enough time remaining until the next show. We cannot accept complaints about the stage lights or when it is the mistake of the competitor.
  • Please take care of the microphones and each other! The microphones are expensive and vulnerable. Don’t throw or swing them because you can hurt others or the microphone itself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: cosplay<at>